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Zach and I decided that most of the money we spend goes toward groceries; therefore, we are keeping track of money spent this week in order to cut back. We’re not sure how much we want to spend each week on food. It’s kind of difficult because our meals don’t always happen at the same time or with each other. I’m thinking we might try $30 a week, since I’ve seen another blog do it. I’ll check back on this soon!

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What in the world is a flexitarian?

Not a vegan, certainly. Fortunately these “eat meat sparingly types” seem to be setting a trend. According to the Values Institute at DGWB, “flexitarianism” is one of this year’s rising health trends. The semi-vegetarians keep up a mostly plant-based diet, but make occasional exceptions. According to an article in the New York Times, meat consumption is expected to drop twelve percent in the next five years, thanks in large part to these guys. Although it wouldn’t be my ideal diet, I think it is a very positive move in the right direction. What do you think?

The same article also reported that Americans eat one-sixth of the world’s meat production– and we’re only one-twentieth of its population. Crazy, huh?

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