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I just saw this article on the Consumerist about a pipeline that pours BLOOD from a meatpacking plant into a nearby river! Gross. Apparently, they are in big trouble. Anyway, here’s a picture:



What in the world is a flexitarian?

Not a vegan, certainly. Fortunately these “eat meat sparingly types” seem to be setting a trend. According to the Values Institute at DGWB, “flexitarianism” is one of this year’s rising health trends. The semi-vegetarians keep up a mostly plant-based diet, but make occasional exceptions. According to an article in the New York Times, meat consumption is expected to drop twelve percent in the next five years, thanks in large part to these guys. Although it wouldn’t be my ideal diet, I think it is a very positive move in the right direction. What do you think?

The same article also reported that Americans eat one-sixth of the world’s meat production– and we’re only one-twentieth of its population. Crazy, huh?

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Mercy for Animal’s undercover Butterball investigation

Have you all heard about MFA’s recent undercover investigation of Butterball? I hope you have, but a part of me wishes you haven’t. It’s awful. Butterball, the company responsible for almost every American Thanksgiving meal, was videotaped kicking, throwing, and hitting their turkeys.

Butterball says this: “At Butterball, LLC, our number one priority is to provide for the health and well being of our birds in order to produce safe and nutritious product for consumers,” Butterball said in a statement released Dec. 29.

According to the Huffington Post, “Butterball officials released a statement indicating that the company was complying with the officials and has a strict policy against animal cruelty.”

Unlikely, but I hope they receive some kind of fine or something. This happens all too often, unfortunately.

On another, much healthier note, I had the best vegan roast for Christmas this year. It was one I had never seen before, and we picked it up at Whole Foods. I’ll figure out the name and post it here soon.

Here’s the video from MFA:



The Atlantic’s “Eating Animals” by Nicolette Hahn Niman

In considering ethics, it is important to recognize that animals live and die in all kinds of conditions. Whether raised for eggs, milk, or meat, birds and mammals can be treated horribly or humanely. And whether on a ranch, at a slaughterhouse, or in the woods, they can be killed callously, with no concern for their suffering, or killed swiftly and carefully.

As any attentive observer of nature knows, life feeds on life. Every living thing, from mammals, birds, and fish to plants, fungi, and bacteria, eats other living things. Humans are part of the food web; but for the artifices of cremation and tightly sealed caskets, all of us would eventually be recycled into other life forms. It is natural for people, like other omnivores, to participate in this web by eating animals. And it is ethically defensible — provided we refrain from causing gratuitous suffering.

The article is very informative, but I believe that a vegan diet can be just as healthy as an omnivorous diet. However, I believe it is absolutely essential to remember that animals are living beings with spirits, too. And unfortunately, we DO cause unnecessary suffering to most animals produced for food.

Four Paws Adoption Center

About a month ago, I went to Four Paws in Rexburg, Idaho to get my very own cat. This place is incredible. I think they have somewhere between 80 and 100 cats, and that isn’t counting all the kittens. When you walk in, cats jump at you from all sides– from shelves, chairs, tables, and the floor. Every cat wants a little piece of your attention. I have never seen more cats in my life. It’s incredible. I’m grateful that I’m not allergic. They are 100% volunteer-run, which means they can always use an extra pair of hands.

Four Paws is located at 114 South 4th West. See their website here

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Drugs, Government, and Idaho Cows.

The federal government sued Idaho dairy G&H Dairy at the beginning of the month because cows sent to the slaughterhouse had drugs in their systems over the allowed limit.

According to the FDA, they require that the “manufacturers demonstrate that the amount of hormone left in each edible tissue after treatment is below the appropriate safe level.”

It’s nice to see some consequences because I feel like this happens more than we realize.

It’s a good thing that almond milk and soy milk don’t contain hormones, or I would be out of luck!

Animal Place Sanctuary

There are animal sanctuaries all over the place! It’s so exciting. Animal Place is a 600 acre sanctuary in Grass Valley, California, just a few hours from my hometown. It is also an education and advocacy center. They have tours and teach classes about animal care and vegan cooking. They also have a page where they talk about the animals who have come to the farm in recent months. Here’s a video of Douglas and Linus, two male dairy calves who were rescued from a slaughterhouse in June.