Last Poet Standing: Emma M.

Emma M. won the Kindle prize and title of “Last Poet Standing” tonight after two months of weekly competitions. She won with her poem “Disposable Camera” that she described as trying to fit together all the puzzle pieces of her life. Bobbie took second, Breanne third and April fourth.

The audience texted in their votes and local musician Mallorie Lamb sang cover songs while the audience texted and awaited the verdict.  Each poet read two of their favorite poems throughout the competition. Shel Silverstein-themed poems seemed most popular as three competitors read theirs.

This was the second round of Last Poet Standing. The first took place January through March 2011. Garrett Sherwood won last year with this year’s emcee Skyler taking second.

Bobbie read “it all started with silverstein” and “ode to what inspires me” and “picadilly circus.” Emma read “Doorknobs,” “my mother never let me read shel silverstein” and “disposal camera.” Breanne read “Complimentary food and heated pools,” “it’s not the birds who leave, it’s the weather” and another untitled one. April read “The Hatter is Here,” “Inspired by greenhouses” and “i have heard the power lines sing.”


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