Mercy for Animal’s undercover Butterball investigation

Have you all heard about MFA’s recent undercover investigation of Butterball? I hope you have, but a part of me wishes you haven’t. It’s awful. Butterball, the company responsible for almost every American Thanksgiving meal, was videotaped kicking, throwing, and hitting their turkeys.

Butterball says this: “At Butterball, LLC, our number one priority is to provide for the health and well being of our birds in order to produce safe and nutritious product for consumers,” Butterball said in a statement released Dec. 29.

According to the Huffington Post, “Butterball officials released a statement indicating that the company was complying with the officials and has a strict policy against animal cruelty.”

Unlikely, but I hope they receive some kind of fine or something. This happens all too often, unfortunately.

On another, much healthier note, I had the best vegan roast for Christmas this year. It was one I had never seen before, and we picked it up at Whole Foods. I’ll figure out the name and post it here soon.

Here’s the video from MFA:




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