How to Survive as a Vegan in a Small Town (part 1)

I’m currently working on a how-to article about being vegan in a small town because it’s hard. I am always finding new stores or new items in the area and I’ve lived here for almost three years. My first section is entitled, “Don’t Be Afraid to Ask.”

    Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

We often mistakenly assume that a grocery that what our grocery store has is what we get. In fact, most grocery stores would probably be more than happy to stock your preferred item. They just need to know there is a market for it. If you feel uncomfortable approaching an employee or you don’t know who to talk to, most grocery stores have a comment box near the customer service desk.

Last year when I fell deeply in love with Daiya cheese, I could only buy it from Whole Foods, which was a 4-hour drive.  One day I noticed it on the shelves of a grocery store 20 minutes away from the town where I lived, so I went back to my local store and filled out a comment card asking them to stock Daiya. When they didn’t respond to my request, I filled out a second comment card. I think the clincher was that the store the next town over had them.  A month later, I happily ate grilled cheese sandwiches and quesadillas every day.

Stores often hide the good stuff among the average stuff. The tahini is often on the peanut butter shelves, and non-dairy milk and margarine are sometimes in the refrigerated dairy section. Ask an employee. If they don’t know, they can usually point you in the right direction at the very least.


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One thought on “How to Survive as a Vegan in a Small Town (part 1)

  1. Sterling says:

    the on lyve ganini da ho

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