daiya cheese, please.


courtesy of allergryfreeandcheaplikeme.blogspot.com. Contact to remove.


The first time I ate Daiya (pronounced “die-yuh” as a snooty Whole Foods employee informed me*) cheese I was in cheese-lestial bliss. Let’s be real—I missed grilled cheese and quesadillas. I had them one or the other for lunch every day for at least a week. I felt like a ten-year old again.

It’s certainly not gourmet by any means, but that’s not always what we want, is it? If I could, I’d eat French fries and a soy shake every day (I am grateful that I don’t; I would have to buy new clothes weekly). But sometimes you just need a grilled cheese sandwich. It’s simple. It makes you feel good (someone should hire me to advertise for them. Is there a grilled cheese company?).

I requested Daiya at our local grocery store and it showed up after only two requests. Unfortunately, they recently took it off the shelf (I was burnt out, okay?). However, I think that testifies to the power you have as a consumer. If you want something, just ask for it. The worst thing they could do is say no, but then you can just ask again.

So what is your favorite soy/vegan cheese? Have you requested anything from your local grocery store?

I would love your comments, so feel free to add your two cents.


*I found out she was wrong! In your face, WF employee. Don’t worry, I’ll still come back. Every day.


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