North American Animal Liberation sets fire to Caldwell, Idaho fur shop.

No one looks good in fur. Especially 50 cent. (Please contact to remove.)

An animal liberation activist group is taking credit for setting fire to Rocky Mountain Fur &Fireworks in Caldwell, Idaho. The fire occurred Monday morning and it cost the company over $100,000 in damage, according to a Reuters article.

The group, who identifies themselves as the “Arson Unit,” released the following statement to the North American Animal Liberation (NAAL) press office:

“In the early morning hours of September 26th, a visit was paid to the Rocky Mountain Firework & Fur Company, a shop that (quite foolishly) sells both highly flammable and explosive toys, and the chemically-treated skins of thousands of tortured animals (among some other nasty things, like trapping supplies). A hole was drilled into their storage space, and several gallons of fuel were pumped through, as well as multiple other charges being set beneath an adjoining structure. Ignition devices were set to finish up our work, once we were safely on our way. By oppressing innocent life, you’ve lost your rights. We’ve come to take you down a notch. Stay in business, and we’ll be back.
Yours truly,
The Arson Unit”

Fur is a common target for animal rights groups; PETA has made headlines for attacking celebrities like Madonna and the Olsen twins.

Personally, I think fur is an unnecessary luxury and the ways they ‘procure’ fur are disgusting.  This page has a great description of the life of an animal used for its fur, so I’ll withhold from posting all of the details here.

According to their website, the goal of the NAAL is to liberate the animals and destroy the economies that thrive off of animal exploitation. What do you think, readers? Do you think they went too far or is this just the kind of lesson these companies need?


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