Where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plains

So, I wasn’t really the only vegan in Idaho. I met another one. But guys, I really think I am the only vegan in the state of Oklahoma. We came here after graduation to get started on first job stuff, and I’ve been laughed at in my salad-ordering face ever since. The only grocery store in town is Walmart. If you’re a local shopper, you could head to Marvin’s, the store that hasn’t updated its food since 1972. Whole Foods is an hour and a half away, and there are two (slightly overpriced) health food stores thirty minutes away. I’ll be fine; just don’t ask me to go out to dinner.

Foodie Penpals

I’m spending the summer with my husband’s family, so we got through all of the goodies before I remembered to snap some pictures!

Whole Foods banana bread: Everybody loved this. It was super moist, and even those who grimace at the word “vegan” loved it.

Chocolate Covered Katie’s fudge brownies: My husband replaced his daily Snickers bars with these. Enough said.

BLQ water: Apparently this was featured on some Real Housewives show, and it was certainly an experience. It has lots of nutrients, and it tastes just like regular water.

The Better Chip:

They really are better. My husband is a die-hard chip lover, so I loved being able to share some chips with him!

Macro food bars: Delicious on-the-go snacks. Good for breakfast!

This was so much fun, and I can’t wait to do it again soon!


Last Poet Standing: Emma M.

Emma M. won the Kindle prize and title of “Last Poet Standing” tonight after two months of weekly competitions. She won with her poem “Disposable Camera” that she described as trying to fit together all the puzzle pieces of her life. Bobbie took second, Breanne third and April fourth.

The audience texted in their votes and local musician Mallorie Lamb sang cover songs while the audience texted and awaited the verdict.  Each poet read two of their favorite poems throughout the competition. Shel Silverstein-themed poems seemed most popular as three competitors read theirs.

This was the second round of Last Poet Standing. The first took place January through March 2011. Garrett Sherwood won last year with this year’s emcee Skyler taking second.

Bobbie read “it all started with silverstein” and “ode to what inspires me” and “picadilly circus.” Emma read “Doorknobs,” “my mother never let me read shel silverstein” and “disposal camera.” Breanne read “Complimentary food and heated pools,” “it’s not the birds who leave, it’s the weather” and another untitled one. April read “The Hatter is Here,” “Inspired by greenhouses” and “i have heard the power lines sing.”

Break from my normally (absent) broadcasting

I’m gonna be bloggin’ about Last Poet Standing.

The Very Last Last Poet Standing, March 14, 2012

The last Last Poet Standing of the semester happens tonight at 8 pm. The American Idol-like poetry competition, which started with 30 crafty competitors, is now down to 4. April Bosselman, Emma Mason, Bobbie Gross, and Brianne Dayley compete tonight.

Skyler Meeks, LPS’ emcee, also acts as the only resident judge on an ever-changing panel of EAS members, English faculty, and guests from the audience. Audience picks count for a majority of the votes.

Each week has a different theme, although participants submitted original poems for the first submissions. Past themes include Shel Silverstein, Dr. Seuss, and places on campus.

The competition favors strong performance poetry, which is what won Garrett Sherwood the ipad prize last semester. See his video here:

The competition takes place at 8 pm in the Crossroads, Wednesday. Local musician Mallorie Lamb will provide (additional) environment.

Follow live blogging of the event here

Idaho Cattle Association introduces an animal cruelty bill?

No, that isn’t a typo. I think I am still confused about how Idaho works. I do know that Idahoans love their cattle, and maybe they’re all just big animal lovers underneath. Maybe not.

The cattle group is supporting legislation that would make a third animal-cruelty conviction a felony rather than just a misdemeanor. The animal welfare group Stop Torturing Our Pets joins the Idaho Cattle Association in urging lawmakers to pass this.

According to an AP article:
“Their initiative would define animal torture, make it a felony on first offense, and levy escalating punishments for cruelty that would become a felony by the third offense.”

There’s hope for you yet, Idaho!

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Zach and I decided that most of the money we spend goes toward groceries; therefore, we are keeping track of money spent this week in order to cut back. We’re not sure how much we want to spend each week on food. It’s kind of difficult because our meals don’t always happen at the same time or with each other. I’m thinking we might try $30 a week, since I’ve seen another blog do it. I’ll check back on this soon!

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